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"Brian is friendly, attentive, patient, very helpful and skilled. It's always a pleasure working with him."

"Brian is a model freelancer, I couldn't be happier."

"I enjoyed working with Brian. He was quite prompt with communicating with me."

"It's nice to work with Brian."

"Brian is an excellent freelancer. He's honest, communicates very well and adheres to deadlines. Don't hesitate to hire him."

"Excellent, was very flexible, honest and delivered."

"Very professional consultancy in politics.

"Thorough research skill and great in delivery."

“Brian is an excellent and skilled writer. It is shame I could not keep him on because I lost my job.”

"I needed a specific writer with specific skills. Mr. Brian is an intelligent expert in politics, terrorism and religion. His work is excellent and on time. Also he is very down to earth and easy to deal with which is a plus in my book. Would definitely hire him again."

“Brian is a 5 star writer across the board. He exceeds deadlines and his work is "Ivy league" to put it mildly! He is super professional and a winner on all levels of performance! He guided me and made me feel he was in the room with me on all projects!!”

"Brian has been the most intelligent, easy to work with and creative individual I have had the experience in working with in all my years in business! Five Stars does not begin to rate this writer********************************"

"Brian is highly Intelligent,dedicated and motivated in each assignment he has completed for me! His end product is always of the highest caliber!"

"Brian has done several assignments for me and I can tell you he is the best in the business.I have been blessed to have found the most talented worker on Odesk."

"Wow! Brian is a real professional!! Top of the line! Met every expectation across the board!"

"Great Job, excellent communication and cooperation"

"Excellent expertise and advice in consultation-type work, I will highly recommend him."

"Simply the best!"

"Brian is an excellent writer & great to work with. He not only transformed my ideas into a great piece, but also did thorough research on the subject matter, before getting started. I look forward to working with Brian again in the future."

"Excellent history / academic writer and researcher. Recommended expert oDesker."

"Very hard worker, and dedicated to polishing off every detail. Brian takes great pride in his writing, and is passionate about the subjects he takes on. Looking forward to more =)"

"Brian's article was very impressive, his command of language and knowledge is beyond expectation! I would definitely recommend him to others and will definitely come back to him in future!"

"It has been a great pleasure working with Brian and when this project requires more writing, Brian will be the first person I contact!"

"Brian did an excellent job. He is a great writer and has a lot of knowledge. His writing exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend working with him."

"Brian was GREAT to work with, over-delivered and ahead of schedule each time! I am totally impressed with Brian's writing and research skills, the way he is able to articulate and convey ideas and how I can just give him a very broad topic, and let him "do his thing". I pretty much let him have total creative freedom, without worrying about SEO or any of that crap (lol, because I am an SEO guy!) and was never disappointed. Not once! Will hire again!"

"Brian was simply great to work with.  With a tight deadline, Brian not only met my expectations but far exceeded them.  Even though he only had a surface knowledge of the subject to begin with, his superior research skills quickly brought him up to speed on the subject using many quality sources, even more than I expected a short paper.  The length, depth, and content exceeded what I thought he would deliver.  Even though the content was non-fiction, Brian wrote with an energetic and engaging prose style that was a pleasure to read.  His analysis of the information presented was also top-notch and incisive, and he even consulted for me in terms of how to organize and approach the topic by offering helpful suggestions.  Brian was also good at quickly responding to my questions and concerns and took the initiative in addressing issues rather than being passive. I would strongly recommend Brian to anyone who needs any help on any kind of project that involves writing, research, analysis, and/or consulting.  He will not disappoint and I was exceedingly pleased with his final work product."

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A Reality Check on U.S.-Russian Relations: Not Time to Relax, but Not Time to Panic, Either - February 26th, 2014, RIAC's "Post of the Month" for Feb/March and republished by LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse:  You can also subscribe to Brian's LinkedIn articles using the RSS feed here

The Israel-Hamas Gaza High-Stakes Poker Game of Death 
​- republished January 9th, 2015: Part I ; Part II; Part III; originally published as a single article on July 28th, 2014 and available in eBook form

Top Five Political Lessons from "House of Cards" (WARNING: Brutal)
- February 26th, 2015

Counterinsurgency (COIN) & Civilians: Israeli vs. American Approaches

- February 18th, 2015, republished by Ammon News

The Ferguson Intifada, or Why African-Americans are America’s Palestinians

- January 7th, 2015, republished by Ammon News

In Time, Expect Big Changes in America's Middle East Relationships
- January 5th, 2015, republished by Ammon News

The Unreal Judge: How Chief Justice Roberts’ Mind Transcends Reality

- November 12th, 2014, originally published by Stupid Party Math v. Myth

Why Isn’t Anyone Giving Obama Credit for Ousting Maliki?
​- November 2nd, 2014, republished by The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and RIAC's "Post of the Month" for Jan/Feb, also republished by Ammon News and Stupid Party Math v. Myth

Terrorism, Already a Horror, Is Poisoned Further by Religion
- October 21st, 2014

Ted Cruz vs. Middle Eastern Christians - October 13th, 2014, originally published by Stupid Party Math v. Myth

The Politics of The Dark Knight Rises and ISIS- October 7th, 2014

The Meaning of 9/11? It’s All About 9/12 - September 12th, 2014

On Development I: Relationships and the Long View Keys to Success - July 7th, 2014

A Point of No Return for “Iraq?” ISIS march into Iraq exposes new realities

- June 27th, 2014, republished by Ammon News


Note: I often differed with editors/staff on what I thought the titles of my articles should be. Where I thought a title should have been different, I indicate that here and provide what my intended title was. Also, for some reason, editors insisted on capitalizing the "al" in "al-[something Arabic]," which is not what I have generally observed to be common practice.  Also, many of the images originally included in the articles when they were published are no longer up on the PolicyMic (now just Mic) website, but you can see all the original content by downloading/opening the PDF versions at the end of each article description, though neither the comment section nor embedded videos are in the PDF versions.  The links in the article titles will take you to the online versions, with comments and videos.

These Maps Debunk Everything the NRA Has Told Us About Guns - Nov 19th, 2013

intended title: These Maps and Studies Show How Gun Laws Save Lives  PDF

If the Tea Party and Democrats Don't Learn From History, We'll Fall Like Ancient Rome
- Oct 22nd, 2013 intended title: Obama Cruz Showdown's Got Nothin' on Caesar and Cato PDF

What Caused the 2013 Government Shutdown? Redistricting - Oct 17th, 2013

intended title:  Why is the House of Representatives so Dysfunctional?

Blame the South and Redistricting PDF

We Lost 10 Years to the "War on Terror," It's Time We Admit It - Oct 11th, 2013

intended title: It's Time We Admit the Ugly Truth: We Lost a Decade to the Failed "War on Terror"  PDF

Do You Live in a Failing Nation? Check This Brilliant Map - Oct 10th, 2013

intended title: This One Interactive Map Shows You the Overall State of the World and Every Country in It  PDF

Don’t Listen to Republicans, the United Nations is Freaking Awesome - Oct 9th, 2013


The NSA Does Not Care About Your Personal Life. Sorry. - Oct 5th, 2013 PDF

In Government Shutdown, Ted Cruz and Tea Party Are Lucky We're Not Living in Ancient Rome - Oct 3rd, 2013  intended title: Ted Cruz and The Tea Party Are Lucky American Soldiers Don't Act Like Roman Legionaries When It Comes to Obstructionists   PDF

Why the UN Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Isn't Nearly As Good As You Think

- Sep 30th, 2013 intended title: Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Might Be Great, But Won't Stop the War and Helps Assad and Russia  PDF

The Historical Odyssey of Somalia’s Al-Shabab Terrorists - Sep 27th, 2013

intended title had spelling Al-Shabaab  PDF

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? Why It's Time to Help Moderate Rebels, and Get Assad Out 

- Sep 24th, 2013 intended title: Syria Options V: Why A No-Fly Zone and Close Air Support in Syria Saves More Lives, Ends the War Faster, and Puts the Moderates on Top PDF

'Dexter' Series Finale: A Heartrendingly Real Goodbye - Sep 23rd, 2013

intended title: Dexter's Finale: Heart-Wrenchingly Real, and One of the Best Finales EVER PDF

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? It Could Save More Lives Than You Think - Sep 23rd, 2013

intended title: Syria Options IV: People Who Think U.S. Intervention In Syria Will Likely Make Things Worse Don't Know What They Are Talking About  PDF

Dexter Finale: What Showtime’s Dexter Morgan Means to Me - Sep 21st, 2013  PDF

Syria War News: Inside the Vortex Of Death That Swallows All - Sep 20th, 2013

intended title: Syria Options III: The Consequences of U.S. Inaction: Syrian Vortex of Death Sucks In All Around It  PDF

Breaking News Syria: Why Jordan, Israel, and Turkey Want the U.S. All In - Sep 19th, 2013 intended title: Syria Options II: The Consequences of U.S. Inaction: Trouble in the Neighborhood Part II  PDF

Are We Getting Involved in Syria? Here's What to Expect If We Don't - Sep 18th, 2013

intended title: Syria Options I: The Consequences of U.S. Inaction: Trouble in the

Neighborhood Part I PDF

For Most Americans, 9/11 Was a Spectacle. For Me, It Was Personal. - Sep 11th, 2013

intended title: Reflections on 9/11: Personal, National, and Global  PDF

Obama Syria Plan: Did He Just Get the Russians On Board? - Sep 10th, 2013

intended title: Did Obama’s Strike Threats Push Putin to Be… Constructive?!  PDF

Bashar al-Assad Forces 5,000 Syrians to Flee His Country Every Day - Sep 4th, 2013

intended title: Don't Forget About The Syrian People  PDF

Why Russia is the Tea Party Of International Politics - Sep 3rd, 2013

intended title: Russia, Smussia: Putin and the Limits of “Nyet," or Why Russia Is the Tea Party of International Politics  PDF

4 Simple Reasons It is Extremely Unlikely Syrian Rebels Carried Out the Chemical Weapons Attacks - Sep 2nd, 2013 intended title starts with "Four" instead of "4"  PDF

Obama and Syria: President's Rose Garden Speech is One of His Best - Sep 1st, 2013

intended title: Obama’s Rose Garden Speech Is One Of the Best Speeches of His Presidency (But Not Just for the Reasons You Think)  PDF

Syria 2013 Isn’t Iraq 2003, and Obama Isn’t Bush - Aug 31st, 2013  PDF

IRS Gay Marriage Decision Makes Economic Sense, Too - Aug 30th, 2013  PDF

Spice Magazine Online

“The Friend of Our Enemy is Our Friend?” - June 1st, 2008  PDF

“Pakistan’s Frightening Crystal Ball: Part II" - Feb 10th, 2008  PDF

“Pakistan’s Frightening Crystal Ball: Part I" - Dec 11th, 2007  PDF

The Washington and Lee Political Review

“Rome and the Barbarians, America and the Terrorists” Washington and Lee Political Review – Spring 2007 (edited since publication)  PDF

More coming soon

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