As of December, 2014, Brian launched his podcast/radio show

Calling It Like It Is

featuring his commentary on current events,

international affairs, politics, and public policy.

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Feb. 9 2015: ISIS, Jordan, and the Middle East After Jordanian Pilot Lt. Kassasbeh's Murder

Jan. 10 2015: Special Episode: Islam after Charlie Hebdo/Paris Attacks

Dec. 29 2014: The Politics of Torture and the Prosecution of Former Senior Officials (with and Eye to Ancient Rome)

Dec. 25 2014: Holiday special (extra long): police shootings and race (considered through Israel/Palestine), objectivity, the spirit of Christmas

Dec. 18 2014: Inaugural show: Cuba/US, Russia, and Taliban attack

More shows coming soon!

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Since late February, 2014, I have been based in the city of Amman in the country of Jordan.

I will be blogging about my experiences here, and sometimes other subjects, in my new blog:
Brian in Jordan

Please feel free to follow my travels, you can always get there from here if you forget the blog address, and the latest posts will be mirrored here.