One of the chapters from the first third details the legal and political influences of the Republic on the founding of the United States of America.  A version of this chapter is available as a standalone pamphlet at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Lulu, see details to the left

Below is the summary:

Contrary to popular belief, America did not invent the concepts of political freedom or of divided, republican, and democratic government, and these concepts, as well as America's Constitution, were not primarily derived from English tradition or the British constitutional monarchy. A deeper look reveals ancient Rome as the primary legal and political influence on America's founding. After exploring ancient Roman influence on the English colonies (and Dutch colony, before New Amsterdam became New York) in the New World, the deeper Roman legal influences on English common law (and thus the colonies) will be examined throughout the whole of English history until the American Revolution, and then the progression of Roman republican thought from its rebirth in the Renaissance, beginning with Machiavelli, to its eventual triumph in America's founding, especially in the creation of the United States Constitution, will be discussed. In conclusion, it will be reasserted in this scholarly-researched pamphlet that, after tracing the strains of legal and political influence from ancient Rome to the founding of the republic of United States of America, Rome, indeed, deserves to be recognized as the primary legal and political influence on America's founding.

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"A real sleeper. An important brief that needs much more elaboration.
The political theory developed here has been largely neglected in the historiography of the American Revolution. It would been even more compelling if the author had linked his theory more closely to the primary writings of our founding fathers like the Federalist Papers and the letters of Adams, Jefferson, Jay, Madison, et al."

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The Roman Example: Public Policy in the Roman Republic and its Lessons for Today’s

American Republic

'If I may sound so bold, this project of mine is something new and different: I have yet to encounter a modern book which has as its main purpose looking at looking at how the Roman Republic dealt with a few specific public policy issues and then applying lessons from that examination to the similar challenges the U.S. faces today, especially one that starts with a serious discussion as to why Rome should be chosen at all for such a purpose, and especially doing all this in a scholarly manner. I truly believe this is a unique and exciting new approach that would benefit any publisher willing to support me since the approach and topic are together something, to borrow the words of Machiavelli, of “a path still untrodden.”'

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About one-third of the book explains why the ancient Roman Republic is an ideal choice for public policy lessons for the U.S.  The second third looks at lessons for domestic policy, while the final third looks at foreign policy lessons.