It's never been harder to filter the noise from information that's useful; in our social media age, the massive increase in sources has led to a notable decrease in overall quality.  Even solid outlets and analysts are often feeling constraints that lead to an inability to properly weigh things and a disproportionate focus on the current moment at the expense of conveying the big picture and how it relates to you and your concerns.  Brian's work and predictive abilities consistently hit the mark where many others have fallen short, providing rich detail and context while never losing sight of the big picture.

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Exceptional Breadth & Depth of Expertise

Featured in Newsweek, Modern War Institute at West Point, Jerusalem PostRFE/RLMSN, Real Clear Defense/HistoryJordan Times, MicBusiness Insider, Small Wars Journal, ISNA, War Is Boring, Medium, & more; 175+ articles published since fall 2013. See his NEW news website Real Context News!

Analysis That Is Ahead of the Curve

Versatile & Crossdisciplinary

Brian's professional background, studies, and career center on his abilities to research, analyze, problem solve, and explain.  From journalism covering the most complex of issues to the fields of humanitarianism and international development, from public policy and foreign affairs to politics and history, Brian sees how they all come together in ways few can.

Over eighteen years of high-level analysis of international affairs, conflict, national security, public policy, politics, organizational management, leadership, and history. Global travel, study, and work in Japan, Cuba, Liberia, Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. Publications, writing, research, and consulting on a wide variety of topics and fields. Contextual insight that is exceptional and original, yet grounded and practical. Top-rated, highly-viewed freelancer / contractor. Click below to